Who is Luis A Canales?

Luis was the Vice President of Corolla Car Club. He was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in September of 2013. We carry on his legacy by helping the organization that had helped him.

Who do we support?

The organization that we support is called P.O.S.T. (Pediatric Oncology Support Team). This organization helped Luis through his trying times. They paid his rent, utility bills and even gas for his car.

Why do we support P.O.S.T. ?

It was important to Luis that he returned the love and support that P.O.S.T. gave him. So, we began the “Show Your Ride Toy Drive”. Which supports children going through the same illness he went through. While all toys welcome, we specialize in the number one gift children ask for. Bicycles.

If you wish to help support the event, you can sponsor 50$ or donate a bike to advertise your business. You can provide a banner to put up at the event. It doesn’t matter what sponsorship it is, this is for kids so any sponsor is welcome.

We invite all car enthusiast to show up with their rides to join the car show and gain publicity for this event! Car clubs please contact us if you come in groups!

Spread the word and post this to your instagram 🙂